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Drive 4 UR School
In Northern Indiana there is a program making a difference within the  homes of hundreds of families. Boomerang Backpacks, created by Mark  Cockraft, is a program that is initiated through high school student  councils. Kirk Doehrmann, principal of Tippecanoe Valley High School,  was a part of one of the first Boomerang Backpack programs to start.
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The Kerlin and Ford Families share in a number of historical milestones, beginning way back in 1927 when Russel Kerlin officially opened Kerlin Motor Company. At the time, Russel had no idea what the Kerlin Brand would become nearly 90 year later, and the tremendous obstacle that he would see directing this "small town dealer with a friendly way.
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Dads and Grads, Kerlin Motor Company's June Promotion, gives both Dads and Grads something to get excited about; a new Ford Focus or Ford Fusion for the Grads or a new Ford F-150 for Dad!
Ford Mustang Logo at Kerlin Motors
Through the years, models have come and gone, but one constant has been the ultimate All American car.  The Ford Mustang has become an icon, rich with tradition just like Kerlin Motor Company. 
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The answers to WHAT is Ford Certified Pre-Owned, WHY buy Ford Certified Pre-Owned, and WHERE can you find Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.
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